Advanced Treatment with the Forsus Appliance

If you had an experience like ours with braces in the 90's, it's not unlikely that you were one of many lucky kids who got to enjoy wearing a headgear!  Today, as you anticipate bringing your children to visit the orthodontist, you might be a little bit wary, wondering if they'll have to deal with the same hassles that you did.  While many things are the same, the good news is that there have also been many advances in treatment - namely in the form of new appliances that can make treatment more successful, faster, and even more comfortable for patients.

Today, we want to introduce you to the Forsus appliance.  The purpose of a Forsus appliance is to improve "overjet." (Overjet is when the upper front teeth are too far ahead of the lower front teeth. Many people also think of this as "overbite.")  It can be used for the same purpose as a headgear, but it has several advantages.

  1. The appliance doesn't have to be placed and removed by the patient, so it eliminates the need to rely on our patient to remember and be compliant with wearing it.
  2. Unlike a headgear, a Forsus appliance can be used in both children AND adults!
  3. Most people won't even realize that you're wearing a Forsus.  It sits near the back of the mouth and often can't even be seen on smiling!  This is advantageous because the Forsus can be worn 24 hours a day (in order to be most effective) without being removed for special events, etc.
  4. The Forsus relies on gentle pressure, not a heavy force to move the teeth.  This means that it can be far more comfortable than some appliances of the past.
  5. The Forsus appliance can accomplish many of the same goals as rubber bands.  It doesn't eliminate the need to wear rubber bands altogether, but it can provide additional benefits that exceed the power of the rubber bands alone!

Lots of patients are surprised when the learn about the advantages of the Forsus appliance, and many even tell us that they prefer wearing these springs when compared to rubber bands.  Please feel free to take advantage of our complimentary consultation process to learn whether a Forsus appliance might help you reach your treatment goals!

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