Orthodontics for Adults in Hilliard, OH

Dr. Crawford and Dr. Johnson are committed to helping you achieve a fantastic result that can last a lifetime. We see ourselves as true teammates in your treatment process, taking pride in being attentive to and prioritizing your goals and needs. 

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Some of our adult patients at Scioto Orthodontics are surprised to learn that they are still great candidates for braces, but there are actually only a few differences in treatment and options for adults and children. In adults, the jawbones have already finished growing which means that we can't modify jaw growth, but we are still able to move and align the teeth. For adults who want or need to see dramatic changes in their jaw positions, however, there are still options to achieve a great result, including orthognathic surgical treatment. Adults also often have denser bone which means that the teeth may not move quite as quickly or as far as they do in children.

However, there are advantages to being an adult in orthodontic treatment as well! Adults are often more invested in the outcome of their treatment and thus more compliant and committed to doing their part to reach the goal!

Why choose orthodontics as an adult?

Adults can enjoy the same benefits of orthodontic treatment as children and adolescents. The most commonly recognized benefit is the aesthetic improvement that can be achieved by aligning the teeth—a beautiful smile is often a major factor in nurturing positive self-esteem and can bolster confidence in your personal life and career. 

In addition, aligning the teeth can often make it easier and more effective to maintain great hygiene where brushing or flossing would otherwise be difficult. In some cases, especially if there are missing teeth or teeth in need of extensive dental work, orthodontic treatment can be useful to properly position the teeth so that your dentist can replace them or restore them in the most effective and aesthetic way. 

Treatment Options

Adult patients are candidates for traditional braces, as well as clear ceramic braces. These braces can often be used in tandem with things like rubber bands (elastics), and/or springs to help correct problems with the bite. In addition, some adults may be candidates for Invisalign® or other clear aligner treatment. Sometimes, a simple retainer may be enough to correct minor alignment problems!

Tips for Success

We recommend being very clear about your goals for treatment during your consultation at our Hilliard orthodontic office. Spend some time figuring out what you most want to change about your teeth, and be open-minded when learning about the recommendations that Drs. Crawford and Johnson have as well. We see ourselves as part of your team—we'll bring our expertise to the table to help you establish realistic achievable goals and then we'll do our best to help you meet those goals. 

There are several things that both adults and children can do to have a successful timely outcome:

  • Commit to maintaining your dental health while wearing braces.
  • Continue to see your dentist for regular visits.
  • Maintain excellent hygiene at home.
  • Commit to keeping your appointments with your orthodontist so that your treatment doesn't get behind.
  • Follow your orthodontist's instructions at home. 

To learn more about the benefits of adult orthodontics, please contact our Hilliard, OH orthodontic office to schedule an appointment. We understand that you have a busy schedule, and we will work with you to make your orthodontic treatment as convenient as possible.

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