Invisalign Teen® in Hilliard, OH

Dr. Bethany and Dr. Liz are Your Certified Invisalign Teen Providers in Hilliard, OH

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Many teens who come to Scioto Orthodontics aren’t excited about the idea of having braces, until they realize that Invisalign Teen may be an option!

Invisalign Teen works exactly the same way that Invisalign works for adults, but with a couple of perks! Invisalign Teen is designed with features to accommodate teeth that haven't fully erupted, compliance indicators to help you monitor your wear-time, and discounts on replacement aligners in case you accidentally lose track of one!

Getting Invisalign Teen at Scioto Orthodontics

At Scioto Orthodontics, Invisalign treatment begins with a digital scan of your mouth, rather than the old-fashioned traditional Invisalign impressions. Digital scans produce more accurate representations of your teeth, which lead to more accurate and better-fitting aligners. Plus, you get to avoid the gooey impression material! 

Drs. Bethany and Liz make a point of customizing each and every Invisalign treatment plan. We never simply delegate this task to the technicians, but rather, we always ensure that your aligners are designed to do precisely what we have planned. 

Once you receive your aligners, we recommend visits more frequently at the beginning of your treatment, approximately every four to six weeks. As you become more confident and competent with your aligners, we may be able to extend the time between visits to every six to eight weeks. 

Just like traditional Invisalign treatment, the length of time of your treatment depends on the amount of correction that your teeth need. Dr. Bethany or Dr. Liz will be happy to evaluate your smile in person and give you an idea of your unique treatment plan, including the timeline.

Smile Success with Invisalign Teen

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