AAO Guide to Choosing an Orthodontist

Many factors come into play when it's time to choose an orthodontist.  You're looking for someone who is not only an expert clinician capable of delivering a great result, but likely also someone who makes you feel comfortable, treats you kindly, and ideally is conveniently located so that you can make it to the appointments easily.

While it's easy to decide whether you like the office location or your doctor's personality, trying to navigate the waters when it comes to their special qualifications to treat you or your child is a little bit more confusing.

This AAO article emphasizes the importance of choosing a specialist in orthodontics and explains the additional education that specialists complete in order to become orthodontists.  In addition, it shows how you can use the American Association of Orthodontists website to find an AAO member orthodontist.  By choosing an orthodontist who is a member of this professional association, you can be sure that they are someone who is committed to participating fully in the specialty and continuing their education.

In addition to the tips in the AAO article, we also recommend using a few more strategies to select your orthodontist.  Visit their website to learn more about the doctor and to determine whether they offer the services you're seeking and/or to see if their treatment philosophy sounds like it's harmonious with your goals.  In addition, when you're considering treatment, it's a good idea to ask friends and family members about their experiences at the orthodontist.

Most importantly, when you visit the office, make sure you feel that the doctor has spent adequate time listening to your concerns and has provided you with a clear explanation of their proposed treatment and the reasons for this treatment.  When in doubt, you can seek a second opinion, usually at no cost!

Check out the AAO's article: Choose an Orthodontist and feel free to browse our website for more information!

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