Great Hygiene with Water Pik

Within the past few years, we've observed an exciting trend - the increasing adoption of WaterPik water flossers for improved hygiene with braces!  Last week we had the privilege of having some in-person education on this product right in our own office.

An experienced dental hygienist who has been working with WaterPik and their products for years came to visit us and educate us on the effectiveness of this product as well as best practices for use.

We're well aware that hygiene while wearing braces, especially in children and teenagers, can be a challenge.  It can become a point of frustration for parents, and poor hygiene can often lead to irreversible damage in the form of white spots and even cavities.  For this reason, we hope to offer our patients all the help we can!

Using a WaterPik can remove over 99% of plaque from difficult-to-reach surfaces, and most patients seem to find it more convenient and less time-consuming than flossing.  In addition, mastering the technique is often easier, and patients can become more competent at completing their hygiene routine with the WaterPik.

Going forward, we are pleased to be able to offer our patients discounted prices on WaterPik water flossers if they'd like to add this to their hygiene routine.  We believe it could make the difference between an acceptable result and an outstanding one!  Please contact us for more information - we look forward to helping you enjoy the experience of achieving a beautiful smile!

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