Three Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time to Start Braces!

As with many things in life (going back to school, having a baby, etc.), lots of people feel like it's never the right time to get braces.  Well, my friends, good news!  Treatment with braces has gotten easier and less invasive than ever.  And with so many esthetic options available, you might say there's really no wrong time to begin!  However, today I'd like to make a case that summertime is the perfect time to get started!  Why?

  1. For kids, school is out and schedules are more flexible than ever! Having braces or clear aligners requires a few appointments.  Why not try to accomplish these appointments during the summer when the calendar is less full of other obligations?
  2. It's a perfect opportunity to take your time learning a new hygiene routine.  Learning to brush and floss effectively with braces take a little bit more time, and you should be patient with yourself and make an effort to master the new system.  A couple extra hours of daylight before bedtime make this process way more tolerable!
  3. You can show off the beginnings of your new smile by the time school's back in session!  Braces start to work very quickly.  If you're starting right now, you'll already be able to see some exciting changes in your teeth by the fall.  And you can enter the school year with a "New Year, New You" attitude!

We're here all summer!  Give us a call, and we'll help you get started!

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